A multiracial group of business people in an open concept office, using items commonly found in the workplace to assist in stretching. In the background are two people sitting at their computers.

Physical health isn’t about hitting the gym for an hour then calling it quits. It’s how much movement we accumulate throughout the day that really counts. Ideally, we should be getting up out of our chairs at least once every 30 minutes to minimize the negative effects from being inactive. Especially for those who work in an office environment. If you think you need at least 10 or 15 minutes at a time for it to be worth it, think again.

A little bit of movement throughout the day can make a difference overtime—consistency is key.

Our #MinuteofMovement video series features purposeful exercises that can be done at home or at your desk to break up long bouts of inactivity. We selected exercises that counteract some of the negative effects of desk posture such as rounded shoulders, head forward tilting, neck strain, a rounded spine, tight hips, inactive glutes and reduced circulation.

You can either do one exercise on its own for up to one minute or spend a few minutes to complete two or three exercises—then repeat throughout the day as time permits. Our main goal is to help you find the time to look after yourself.

There are plenty of other ways to move throughout the day as well—quick walk around your department, outside of your building or a few minutes in the stairwell down a flight and then back up. Just don’t let yourself stay inactive for too long at one time.

Physical activity at work doesn’t have to be difficult or make us sweat and feel sore—it just needs to get us moving.

Our bodies were designed to move after all. The less we do, the worse off we’ll be.

Stay tuned for more #MinuteofMovement videos to come.


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