Built Together provides grants for projects that uplift and support communities. From skating rinks and outdoor gyms to playgrounds and walking trails, Built Together helps Albertans create spaces for active living. Do you have the courage to create? Apply for the Built Together grant now until September 17.

“I really believe that all children should have a safe, accessible and inclusive place to play, no matter their abilities,” says Karla Power, an educator at Christina Gordon Public School in Fort McMurray.

Christina Gordon Public School provides education to many students with disabilities. They range from physical and neurodevelopmental disabilities and social-emotional issues to obesity and complex disorders around sight and hearing.

The school provides inclusive programming thanks to a sensory and a gross motor room. While the school had a functioning playground, it was not accessible for all students. In 2019, Christina Gordon Public School stood up for all children and applied for—and received—a Built Together grant.

“Our school has many children with diverse physical and mental needs,” Karla says. “Now, our playground has become a place where children with extraordinary needs can play together with their friends,” says Karla.

Inspiring an active, inclusive community

The Christina Gordon Public School accessible playground includes:

  • 2 inclusive swing seats,
  • a generation swing seat,
  • a swing frame for the new seats,
  • a revolution inclusive spinner,
  • a together glider,
  • a rail-rider,
  • a wobble sphere,
  • chimes, and
  • a sign language panel.

As an educator and parent of 2 children with autism, Karla understands the importance of inclusive spaces. Play is essential for kids to connect, make friends, explore and imagine. Children want to–and should be–included.

“I hope that our playground can be a place where all children and family feel like they belong,” Karla states.

Apply for a Built Together grant

Our Built Together program helps Albertans build spaces for active living. Projects eligible for funding include playgrounds, multi-use courts, rinks, outdoor gyms, parks and walking trails.

Each year, we award 5 grants worth $50,000 in 1 of each of the following areas: Edmonton, Calgary, a secondary city, rural community and Indigenous community.

Community leagues, school councils, municipalities and other non-profit groups and organizations in need of funding are eligible to apply.

Hear more about Built Together from Narissa Kanji, director of Community Impact at Alberta Blue Cross®, in her interview with CTV News Edmonton.

Is your community building a space for active living? Apply for a Built Together grant. Applications are open until 11:59 p.m. September 17, 2024.

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