Summer is winding down, which means snowbirds are likely thinking about their winter warm-weather retreat. Keep your health and wellness at the forefront by following these tips (and packing some sunscreen) before heading south. You’ll feel confident knowing you’re prepared to hit the golf course or dive into your next adventure.

Enjoy the anticipation

There’s ample research to support that the positive feelings of anticipating and planning a trip, even if it’s next week or next month, can boost your happiness quotient. Positive travel experiences can improve your health, strengthen your relationships and benefit your overall wellness.

Consult with your health care providers

Physicians and pharmacists can provide valuable advice on required vaccinations and other travel recommendations, whether you’re driving or flying. Depending on your health, they may offer reminders such as taking breaks, stretching and drinking enough water to help make your travel experience more pleasant.   

Calculate how much medication you’ll need for your trip

Request refills ahead of time if you think you’ll run out while you’re away. Based on the amount of medication you currently have at home and depending on your benefit plan, you may be able to take an additional supply of medication to cover you on your trip.

If your plan allows for more than 100 days’ supply, contact your pharmacist at least 7 days before you leave to ensure that have enough time to fill your request.

Check travel advisories 

Be mindful of traveling to destinations with extreme weather, civil unrest or disease. Keep in mind that if there is a government-issued travel advisory, your travel insurance may not provide any coverage. 

Purchase travel insurance

Don’t let unexpected medical expenses ruin your fun in the sun. Check your current benefit plan to understand what travel coverage you have and what you could top up on. An Alberta Blue Cross® retiree plan, for example, includes emergency medical travel insurance for up to 90 days.

If you are 75 years of age or under, you can generate a quote and purchase travel coverage online. If you’re 76 years of age or older, please call us at 1-800-394-1965 to purchase your plan.

Planning an extended stay somewhere warm or taking frequent trips throughout the year to and from your destination? Our snowbird package, for example, takes care of you no matter where you are in the world.

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