In a previous blog post, we provided tips on meditation as part of your overall self-care; in this post, and in honour of international self-care day, we’re breaking down some of the Alberta Blue Cross® health benefits that support self-care.  

When we talk about self-care, most often we think of treating ourselves—enjoying time spent on our own reading a book, eating a favourite snack or dessert, having a bath, doing a favourite exercise or sport, spending time outdoors or taking vacation. All of which are great practices for daily self-care and reducing stress, but they don’t always support our basic health needs.

What if before we treat ourselves to a favourite item or activity, we ask ourselves if our basic health needs are being met. This way we can continue to enjoy the little things in life while knowing our basic health needs are being met regularly and we’re protecting ourselves should something unexpected happen.


Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of your oral health, which can have a profound impact on your general health too. The roots of your teeth are located near your sinuses and brain cavities and regular dental cleanings and examinations can help ensure these areas are protected. Whether its yearly dental cleanings and check-ups, examinations or important surgeries and procedures—dental benefits provide coverage that enables you to have good dental health without breaking the bank.

Extended health

Extended health benefits include some of the most important benefits that support self-care—from regular visits with your psychologist that support your mental-health—to massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, homeopaths and naturopaths who support your physical health. These are just some of the extended health benefits that may available depending on your plan that can help you practice self-care regularly.

Prescription drug

The stigma around prescription drugs and medication for our illnesses is one that can be very damaging to our mental health and our ability to practice self-care. Its important to know that prescription drugs in any form are not a weakness and if you need them, we’re here to help provide coverage so that you don’t have to worry about the impacts they have on your financial health.


Eye exams can be used to diagnose, treat and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting our eyes. Regular eye exams give us peace of mind knowing our eyes are being treated and protected from potential health issues early on. We often take for granted our eyesight until it is too late, causing us undo stress impacting our mental, physical and financial health.

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