Yes, the sun is shining, the weather is warm and the grass is green. Time to change bulky winter gear for short sleeves and sundresses. Along with that, it is the perfect time to put away our winter routines and adopt new healthy wellness habits for the warmer weather.

Freshen up. When it’s cold and dark, our bodies naturally crave heavy, warm foods. Summer is the perfect time to change up those winter carbs and cravings for something lighter. Enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies while they are in abundance by finding a new recipe that takes advantage of all that vitamin packed goodness. Why not ditch the hot oven and break out the barbecue for some delicious grilled veggies? Or try some fruit. Grilled fruits, such as peaches, nectarines and pineapple, make excellent light desserts.

Food adventures. Summer is also the perfect time for culinary adventures. Why not try a new fruit or veggie? Have you ever tried a lemon drop squash or Picolino cucumber? Now is the time. Visit your local farmers’ market. If you find something new and aren’t sure what it is or how to eat it, ask the seller. If they grow it, they know it. You might just find a new favourite treat!

Grow your own. Speaking of fruits and veggies, if you have the space, a small garden or a few pots can be a great activity to get out and enjoy the weather. Growing your own food is rewarding and healthy.

Plan a pick-nic. Don’t have garden space? There are several pick-your-own farms and gardens where you can book time to go and pick, pluck or pull your very own basket of delights. It’s not only fun, but great exercise too. And at the end, you’ve got a snack. You can find a pick your own gardens near you by clicking here.


Enjoy the weather. Getting outside is easier now that you don’t have to bundle up. Grab your walking shoes, bike or blades and head out to get all that healthy vitamin D and activity. Or why not try out something new like roller skates or a new sport. Just remember to also grab your sunscreen and a water bottle.

Chores count. Okay, just like shovelling snow, cutting the grass can be a chore. But it’s also great exercise. In fact, plenty of summer chores are great exercise. Weeding, gardening, pruning, they all get your body moving and that’s good. Check out this handy online tool that converts all sorts of activities into steps so you can see how much activity you are getting.

Make it fun. Some people love exercise, but for many it can feel like a chore. It doesn’t have to. Exercise doesn’t have to be a traditional workout. Grab a ball or a frisbee and some friends for a game of catch. Grab the kids and head to the park, just don’t find the shadiest bench and sit. Get up and play with them. It’s good for your body and mental health. Super-hot outside? Grab some water guns and have a water fight to keep cool and active.

Join us. Sometimes we just need a little push to get started and stay active. To help, Terry Skidnuk, our Workplace wellness specialist, is leading a series of fun, easy outdoor workouts on Instagram and Facebook! The workouts are a quick way to get moving outside. Follow along in your backyard or at the park or save them for later when you need a quick desk break.

Workouts can be found on Alberta Blue Cross® social media pages. or

Now stop reading and get active. See you out there!

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