On October 10, over 300 people attended Alberta Blue Cross®’s inaugural Wellness Summit at the Edmonton Renaissance Airport Hotel. This year, we focused on the core elements of what it takes to create healthy workplace cultures and workplaces where everyone thrives.

The feedback, both in person and online, was outstandingly positive as attendees enjoyed learning and connecting with each other and the speakers who came from near and far to provide great information, tools and resources.  Here are a few examples of what attendees had to say about the event.

“All of the speakers had things I could take away and use in my workplace, so I felt the whole day was very engaging. The panel was interesting, as hearing from local companies working on improving the wellness in their organizations was inspiring.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this summit. I was able to retain so much information and was very engaged the entire day (which is sometimes hard to do because it’s a long day of learning.) I will definitely be attending next year!”

“The day was so beneficial and provided a wonderful opportunity to hear new ways to implement wellness. It was presented in a such a way that we could take things back to our work places that felt ’doable’.”

“This was an incredible experience and very well thought out. I hope you will make this an annual event because I felt so uplifted by the end of the day! It came at a time when my personal wellness was at a real low point and the summit definitely enhanced my feeling of empowerment and commitment to improve. Thank you!!”

It was inspiring to witness the important and timely topics that were brought forth, uncovering what it really takes to shape cultures and impact employees to create sustainable engagement. This is especially important when considering the fact that studies have shown that when employees believe their employers care, they are more engaged and willing to go the extra mile and stay with that organization. [Workplace Well-Being 2015 Report, Limeade & Quantum Workplace]

It’s our hope that our attendees were able to walk away and put the ideas and practices learned at the Wellness Summit into action, which will have a huge ripple effect to their employer, their customers and their organization’s bottom line.

We hope this will be the first of many annual Wellness Summits and that your feedback will contribute to a growing conversation about Albertans’ wellness in meaningful ways. We’ll be posting more photos at TheWellnessSummit.ca, so stay tuned!


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