This blog was written in partnership with Dr. Billy Strean

A few weeks ago, Dr. Billy Strean introduced Alberta Blue Cross® employees to laugher yoga—a simple process of laughing as an exercise. We’ve invited Dr. Strean to share his yoga practices for joy. Check out the practices below to see how you can add more joy to your life.

Have fun with this gentle attitude adjustment program. Begin with a spirit of playfulness and be mindful of each daily attitude. Create opportunities to practice that attitude. Practices create positive tendencies. You may find that you laugh more and are more cheerful and optimistic. Appreciate the good feelings that you get from your practices. The joy you experience will encourage you to continue.

Foster the 10 emotions of positivity noted each day.

Mondays—marvel: look for the good in others and tell them what you like about them. Create a generosity of spirit. Awaken your sense of wonder.

Monday practices: pay compliments, acknowledge, praise and appreciate the beauty of life.

Awe and inspiration

Tuesdays—take new perspectives: develop flexibility. Be willing to see things another way. Be open to new ideas and experiences. An open mind lets the laughter in. Create novelty.

Tuesday thought: “You can be right, or you can be happy.”

Tuesday practice: say, “that’s another way of looking at it.”

Hope and interest

Wednesdays—welcome, kindness and compassion: find ways to help make other people’s lives a little easier. Engaging in, receiving and witnessing acts of kindness improves our holistic health.

Wednesday practices: open doors for people, allow another driver to merge into your lane, lighten the load for others, smile at people you don’t know.


Thursdays—thank you: be grateful for the abundance in your life and it will bring you a long way toward happiness. An attitude of gratitude brings serenity and laughter.

Thursday thought: as Sheryl Crow sang, “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have!”

Thursday practice: Ask yourself “What am I grateful for in my life?”


Fridays—forgiveness: forgiveness means letting go of resentment and anger. Accept how life is. Resistance causes persistence and suffering. Releasing anger makes you healthier and opens your heart to laughter.

Friday practice: look for places in your life to apologize and to forgive. Have conversations that enable you to let go and feel complete.


Weekends are for chocolate: rest, relax, recover, then play, enjoy and experience the rapture of being alive. Eat some chocolate or any other favourite food. Remember to take time for leisure and pleasure. Be enthusiastic.

Weekend practice: plan something fun for yourself that you were not already going to do!

Amusement, joy and pride in a great week of practicing joy

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