Look no further—the Retiree plan is here


“Our retiree solution meets the needs of both employers and employees. We can help prepare employees for retirement and provide an easy, seamless process for them to transition from their plan to a Retiree plan.”
Nirmal Singh, Vice-President, Individual Products

If you have employees reaching retirement age, they’re likely wondering how they’ll afford their medications and support their health needs when they retire. To replace their current plan, the Alberta Blue Cross® Retiree plan is designed with affordable and flexible coverage options to meet the unique and evolving needs of your retirees, providing exactly the coverage your employees need for the retirement they always envisioned.

As an industry-leader in benefits, our retiree package is hard to beat—comprehensive drug coverage that doesn’t require a medical review, dental coverage, extended health benefits and travel coverage up to 90 days per trip.

Offering our Retiree plan to your employees provides an added value that ensures they have excellent, seamless coverage after retiring. And we do all the heavy lifting—we answer any questions your employees have and are available to walk them through the process of transitioning from their plan to a Retiree plan. Our retiree sessions—now offered digitally—help prepare your employees for retirement, so they know what to expect transitioning into the next stage of their life.

By applying within 90 days of their coverage terminating, your employees can make the most of their retirement with plan options that will change their expectations about the benefits they can receive.

A seamless transition for you and your employees

With our Retiree plan, you can take advantage of a process that’s simple and effortless. That means flexible funding options and hassle-free administration for you and your plan administrators, providing a smooth transition and flexible plan options for your employees.

As an existing Alberta Blue Cross® group plan sponsor, you’ll continue to enjoy excellent service from a partner you know and trust—rest easy knowing that your employees will be coming directly to us with any questions.

Partner with us for additional benefits

As an existing Alberta Blue Cross® group plan sponsor, you might be aware that your employees are eligible for a five per cent discount on our Retiree plan rates. What you may not know is they can receive a 10 per cent discount if you partner with us to endorse our Retiree plan.

If you’re eligible to partner with us to promote our Retiree plan to your employees, you’ll be provided with all the materials you need.

To learn more about partnership eligibility, please call us at 780-498-8430 or email Ihplan@ab.bluecross.ca.

Help prepare your employees for retirement

We offer informative retiree sessions presented by our Individual Products team digitally or on site at your workplace. We’ll ensure they have everything they need to start the next phase of their life.

During the session, we’ll cover some of the benefits of our Retiree plan, including the following:

  • Immediate access—there is no waiting period for any of the benefits.
  • Flexible solutions—the ability to choose from three levels of coverage for extended health benefits, prescription drugs and dental care to build a customized plan tailored to their needs, and no medical review required.
  • Confidence and security—retirement coverage that provides peace of mind, from a known and trusted brand.
  • Unlimited, worry-free travel—emergency travel coverage that extends up to 90 days to a $5 million maximum per person, per trip.
  • Up to 12 annual sessions for personal, nutritional and financial counselling—the opportunity to stay happy and healthy through our Individual Assistance Program, as well as coverage for health and wellness services and access to Balance®, our online wellness program.

Retirees have the option to purchase our plan online for immediate enrollment and our representatives are available to answer questions and walk them through the process over the phone. Find out more about our Retiree plan. To learn more about our retiree sessions, or to schedule one for your employees, please call us at 780-498-8430 or email Ihplan@ab.bluecross.ca.

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