By Lyndsey Smith

I’ve always loved living an active lifestyle, but after I stopped playing competitive sports I was never consistent when it came to working out. So in 2018, before I became pregnant, I really started focusing on my fitness journey and made working out a big priority in my life. I tried everything from spin classes (which I still love) to yoga, the gym, barre—you name it, I tried it. It wasn’t until I found Orange Theory that I really got into my fitness groove and found a workout program I truly loved!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Orange Theory is heart rate-based interval training. It’s a one-hour class that combines everything from running, rowing, weight training, TRX to floor exercises. Plus, no workout is the same which I love. I started off doing three classes a week and quickly saw my body start to transform. Not only did my cardio improve but I started toning places like my arms and thighs that have always been my struggle areas. I loved the way it made me feel and after a couple months, I started going to Orange Theory five, even six times a week.

Flash forward to July—we found out we were expecting a little babe in 2019!

I received a lot of questions about my pregnancy weight gain and from my understanding, it was pretty average. I gained about 30 lbs and attribute that to working out and not following the whole “eating for two” myth. Don’t get me wrong, I ate plenty of donuts (my preggy weakness) but tried my best to eat a balanced diet. Looking back, I had a pretty easy-going pregnancy and I 100 per cent attribute that to my Orange Theory routine and staying active. You don’t have to be hardcore but it’s crazy how beneficial getting up and moving your body can really be!

It’s been four months since Olson was born and the number one question I get asked is, how did you lose the pregnancy weight? If I’m being honest, I was actually so surprised how quickly the weight came off, but I think it’s important to remember that everyone is so different! I think a lot of my pregnancy weight loss has been a combination of things—from being in shape prior to becoming pregnant, my genes and being able to breastfeed. I haven’t followed any crazy diet and my return to the gym was actually a very slow process. On the outside I might look like my old self, but trust me when I say, your girl is out of shape!

Lindsay Smith wears leggings and a sports bra while she holds her infant, looking down and smiling.

After Olson, I thought I was going to start working out as soon as I could, but I actually took a few months to work on different areas, like my pelvic floor, before stepping into the gym again.

I got back into Orange Theory at about two and a half months postpartum and I was so intimidated at first. Starting my fitness journey from scratch hasn’t been easy and there were definitely times I never thought I’d get back in the gym. I’m nowhere near where I used to be and that’s totally okay! Most days I show up with unwashed hair and baby vomit on my workout gear, but I always feel way better afterwards and am a better mama for it!

Now that I’m back on the fitness train, fitting in those classes when you’re a busy mom can be tricky! It definitely wasn’t easy at first but like any priority in life, you make it happen. It’s also been way easier to schedule in now that Olson is a little bit older and his nap times have become more predictable!

Our family has truly benefited from Alberta Blue Cross’s® services throughout my pregnancy, fitness journey and now—mamahood! If you’d like to know more about how Alberta Blue Cross® can benefit you and your family be sure to check out their website here.

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