By Mommy Connections

I took the leap into entrepreneurship nine years ago and, for the most part, haven’t looked back. I love having the freedom to carve my own path and do things my own way. That said, there are a couple of minor downsides of being my own boss—a big one being the lack of health benefits.

Prior to self-employment, benefits were provided as part of my former marketing gig— so my family could get the care we needed without thinking much about it. After I left my job, the benefits were hard to give up—especially since my husband is also self-employed as a real estate agent.    

In the last year alone, here are just some examples of costs we would have had to pay out-of-pocket if it weren’t for our private health benefits.

  1. A missed leap on the part of my aspiring ‘Ninja Warrior’ son = ambulance ride.
  2. Multiple trips to the dentist because of my son’s weak tooth enamel.
  3. An eye exam for a mama whose eyes are starting to get tired from staring at a computer.
  4. Massage and physiotherapy for stiff muscles and cramped hands caused by that same screen.
  5. Cough, cold, flu …enough said = prescription coverage.

Because of our coverage, the above have been minor blips along the road— instead of major stressors or bank-account-drainers. I hope to never need to use my coverage for anything more serious (*knocks on wood*), but it gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing we’re protected for medical expenses large or small.

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