When life changes, you need to be adaptable—and so do your benefits. With the Alberta Blue Cross® My Benefits app and member website, it’s never been easier to submit claims, check your benefits, sign up for direct deposit and so much more. Recently, we’ve released a new feature that will create a more seamless experience for you—providing faster turnaround times, up-to-date information and less time spent calling our Customer Services team.

Health benefit lookup

Plan members can now look up eligibility for some specific health benefits using the health look-up feature through the member site. This feature also allows you to see how much of the benefit you’ve used and when you’ll be eligible for the full maximum. The feature is currently available for paramedical services, such as physiotherapy and massage, but we’re planning to add additional products in the future.

Coming soon

We are continually working to improve our member site and app, adding new features and functionality. Some other features we are launching soon include

  • giving members the ability to update beneficiaries and apply for additional coverage on the member site;
  • online claims submission, allowing members and plan administrators to upload claim forms, complete online claim entries and view the status of claims;
  • making 100 per cent of health claims eligible for online submission; and
  • member self-enrolment.

To find out what else you can do on our fast, simple and secure member site and mobile app, visit https://ab.bluecross.ca/myplan/#OnlineServices

You can log in to the member site here or you can select the “Sign in” button on our website menu.

Download the Alberta Blue Cross® My Benefits app from the App Store or Google play.


  • Sharna says:

    “… health look-up feature through the member site…”
    Obviously NOT user friendly. I tried a few different ways, and got no where on your website.
    Please link me to this “health look-up feature” so that I can “see how much of the benefit you’ve used and when you’ll be eligible for the full maximum”

    • Hi Sharna, we’re sorry you are having difficulties. We cannot provide a link because the health look up tool is only available once you log in to our member site. Once you log in, simply click “health” under “benefits”. The look up page will provide you with a drop-down menu to select the “patient” and product or service you are searching for. Hope this helps!

  • Grace Pickerl says:

    can I get a copy of this years transactions / payments for income tax purposes.

  • Teresita Aguinaldo says:

    Could you please send me the 2019 yearly I paid for income tax purposes for the Accountant.

  • Hello Teresita, please reach out to our customer services team for this information at 1-800-661-6995. Thank you!

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