Alberta Blue Cross® is committed to supporting you at home and on the go with contact-free, uninterrupted access to your benefits and coverage.

Take advantage of online claiming and eliminate paper claims submissions today.

Make virtually any claim online, including virtual services, drugs, dental, vision and 100 per cent of health claims using our website and our Alberta Blue Cross My Benefits app—from anywhere at any time.

Using our member site, you can

  • save time claiming and get paid faster,
  • check claims history in seconds,
  • submit receipts and claim statements when needed,
  • get directions to a local provider that direct bills using the provider look-up tool,
  • modify and cancel claims online without making a phone call,
  • check if a prescription drug is covered before going to the pharmacy, and
  • feel protected—avoid out-of-pocket expenses by checking the delisted providers list.

Our Customer Services contact centre remains open to serve you, and you can continue to contact us either by phone at 1-800-661-6995 or through our website.

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