Updated as of May 2024.

Want to save time submitting benefit claims? Instead of submitting claims through mail, switch to online. Our member site gives you 24/7 access to quickly and easily submit and track claims anytime, from anywhere.

Online claims submission

Direct billing is usually your best option, but in cases where it’s not available, you can submit a claim online using our member site or the Alberta Blue Cross® app. When you submit your claim online, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere—take advantage of time spent waiting in line at the grocery store to submit your benefit claims online. Not only is this the easiest and most convenient way to submit your claims, it’s also the fastest. When you submit a claim through the mail or by dropping it off at one of our branch locations, it can take more than 3 weeks to reach our head office and be processed. Most of our employees are working from home and our branch locations follow a weekly rotation schedule to pick up mail or claims in the drop box and send them to the Edmonton office where they can be scanned and distributed for processing. When you submit a claim online, it’s usually processed automatically by our system rather than manually by an analyst, resulting in much faster turnaround times.
  • Save money—by not having to mail in your claim, you’ll save money on postage and avoid any delays in postal service. If you have to drive some distance to one of our branch locations, you’ll save money on gas and spend less time in traffic.
  • Eliminate the need to print copies of your receipts—keep the original and simply snap a photo of your receipt to upload the digital copy online. You can also use an app like CamScanner to turn your phone into a mobile scanner.
  • Check your claim status—easily find out if it’s been processed. If your claim has been processed, a statement with your reimbursement amount and direct deposit date will be available for you to view and print. No more waiting for a surprise in the mail.
  • Cancel or modify a claim online instead of phoning in and possibly waiting on hold.
  • Get reimbursed faster through direct deposit—no more waiting for cheques in the mail. When you submit a claim online before 5 p.m. MT, payment may be deposited in your bank account as soon as the next business day. You’ll also save yourself time by not having to go into your bank to deposit a cheque.   

Add direct deposit

Update your direct deposit information online with the following steps:

  1. On the Alberta Blue Cross® member site, select account at the top.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select direct deposit.
  3. Follow the page prompts and fill out your direct deposit details.

Or submit a completed direct deposit form by fax or mail.

Submit a claim online today

Sign in or register your account at members.ab.bluecross.ca or download the Alberta Blue Cross® app from the App Store or Google play