Here’s a few tips to help make your and their lives a little easier before they head back to school.

  • With an employer plan, if you have a dependant over age 21 attending an accredited post-secondary institution on a full-time basis and you’d like to keep them on your benefit plan, fill out the over-age dependant declaration form here and give it to your plan administrator. Don’t forget to check your benefits booklet to ensure they’re under the maximum age specified on your plan.
  • If your student is going to school out-of-province, before they leave, visit the member site to ensure your student has active coverage and all necessary paperwork has been completed to keep them covered.
  • Make sure they fit in all their necessary appointments before they go back to school, such as visiting the dentist and getting an eye exam. To see when you’re eligible for your next dental checkup or when you’ll be eligible for your full vision benefit maximum, sign in to the member site and select “Your benefits.”
  • If your dependant needs an ID card to take with them when they go, sign in to the member site and go to the “Your profile” section to print a new ID card.

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