Parenting is rewarding and exciting—but sometimes, it can be hard. From long nights with a baby to adult children staying at home longer, being a parent requires a lot of energy. It’s common for parents to feel exhausted—as they forget to take care of themselves.

Parents—it’s time to practice self-care. It’s important for you to participate in activities that help take care of your mental, social and physical health. Check out these self-care tips for parents to help reduce stress, improve sleep and promote mental health.

Get your body moving
Choose exercises and workout routines that motivate you. Don’t forget to change up your routine from time to time—whether it’s jogging, Zumba, yoga or something else that helps you keep moving!

Spend time with friends
Try to schedule at least one hour a week with a close friend. Go shopping, chat on the phone or enjoy a dinner out together.

Go for a walk
Schedule in a regular 15-minute walk to help improve your mood, reduce stress and strengthen your muscles.

Try a gratitude journal
Take a few minutes every day to write down what you appreciate most.

Practice meditation
Do a quick minute of meditation by closing your eyes, breathing deeply and focusing on each breath.

Set up reminders
Put your appointments in a calendar. You wouldn’t let your kids miss check-ups—so don’t forget about yours!

Start taking care of yourself again with these easy self-care tips—and if you’re looking for information and resources to help you take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Alberta Blue Cross® can help. On our website, blog and social media channels, we share health tips from our wellness team, programs and articles from other wellness leaders and lessons we’ve learned from implementing our own wellness programs. Learn more today at

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