Ah Monday, the day of the week we communally dread. If there’s one thing in common amongst all of humanity, it’s our animosity towards this day. And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, COVID-19 happened, desecrating tried and true routines to stave off Monday dread.

And as the weeks have passed, it’s become harder and harder to transition from the weekend to the work week. Pajamas are the new pant suits. Colleagues are kids, partners and dogs. Morning commutes once used to “wake up” have taken on new or non-existent forms.

We understand it’s hard and all we can do is try our best. If that means wearing your pajama pant suit all day everyday, we fully support that.

Here are some helpful tips to start a refreshed, home-friendly routine.


One thing’s for sure, Fridays are still the best day of the week. So, enjoy them. Make sure you sign off from work on Friday at a reasonable time and stay signed off all weekend. Plan a fun activity to celebrate the end of the week. Have a pizza night with your partner. Set up a FaceTime call with your loved ones or watch a movie—for a list of ways to connect, read this!


Schedule in a unique weekend activity you can get excited for throughout the week. Go for a drive to explore new parts of the city or country. Deliver treats to friends from a safe distance. Use the weekend to tackle chores, home décor DIYs and yard work once the weather warms up. Play a board game or schedule in a video chat.  


Set a bed time on Sunday and stick to it. This will help balance your internal clock and give you a good night’s rest. To ensure your Monday is productive, set up your workspace ahead of time on Sunday evening. Ensure your space is ergonomically friendly and you’re not scrambling to put it together come Monday.  


Reinvent your morning routine. If you’re used to a commute, go for a walk outside or do a quick 20-minute work out inside. Shower, get dressed and do your hair. Take advantage of the extra time you have in the mornings by making a healthy breakfast for yourself or your family. Meditate or watch one of the positive, good news stories being shared. For example, check out John Krasinski’s hilarious and heart warming SGN broadcast . 

Working from home and physical distancing means less separation between our home and work life. For some, it can be especially challenging to take one hat off and put on the other without that physical separation. DO your best to create distance from your work in the evenings and on the weekend.

At the end of the day, everyone’s circumstance is different. The important thing is to find what works for you and your family and to not be too hard on yourself.

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