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Twelve small devices are making a big impact. Hearts of Blue, our employee-led charity, recently donated 12 Fitbits to the AdaptAbilities Community Connect day program for adults with developmental disabilities. And the results have changed lives.

According to AdaptAbilities program supervisor, Sarah Hutchison, “Participants are further developing gross motor skills, learning about their bodies and improving their physiological responses to the world around them. They are learning about stress and how it relates to heart rate, how to improve their cardiovascular systems, understanding caloric intake and output, how important sleep and stress management are to their health and they are genuinely motivated to get their bodies moving.”

More than just tracking physical activity

Sarah reports that these FitBits have helped create a sense of belonging, encouraged the development of independence and motivated participants to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Participants have learned how to plan engaging physical activities, motivate each other and interpret and track individual data. Participation in physical activities has skyrocketed as participants are more confident in their ability to understand the importance of physical activity. They have created a walking club, Zumba group and even incorporated guided yoga as a way to track and learn about heart rates.

“We are grateful that Hearts of Blue and Alberta Blue Cross® have contributed to supporting our health and wellness initiative,” says Sarah, “This donation has provided opportunities for meaningful days and helped our participants to celebrate their hearts and their bodies. Thank you for supporting our participants to grow, succeed and belong!”

Hearts of Blue is proud to support AdaptAbilities and many other charitable organizations in our communities. We’re happy to see AdaptAbilities participants grow and succeed even beyond their own expectations through the use of these devices.

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