Travel is one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences you and your family can have. As you dream of your travel plans, where you’re going and what you’ll do, also think about what you’ll do if an emergency occurs while you’re on your trip.

Some of us don’t like to think about it because it’s upsetting, some of us think “it’ll never happen to me”, while others constantly think about all the things that could go wrong. The fact is, when things go wrong health wise while you are travelling out of province or out of Canada, everything can change in an instant.

Out-of-country medical attention can be extremely costly and your provincial health insurance plan will not provide adequate coverage while you are outside of Canada. Having emergency medical travel coverage can protect you from the high cost of medical bills if something goes wrong.

Emergency medical travel coverage provides financial protection for a wide range of services such as

  • hospital bills,
  • ambulance services,
  • medical evacuation,
  • repatriation,
  • meals, and
  • accommodation. 

If you are travelling alone, it can provide coverage for someone to attend your bedside while in hospital, care for your children if you are hospitalized and much more. Your coverage can even ensure your pet is returned home safely!

When travelling, you may not know where to go to seek medical treatment. If you need help getting immediate medical attention, your emergency medical travel assistance will help you locate a certified medical facility at any time. 

While some things are completely unpreventable, you are more prepared with emergency medical travel coverage. To learn more about travel coverage, visit our travel page.

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