Group plan members now have the ability to opt-in and out of optional coverages and update beneficiaries all online!

It’s important to keep your life insurance benefits up to date. But often, updating this information can be such a hassle that you put it off until later—what forms do I need, who do I have to call, where do I submit everything? We want to make updating life benefits easy and straightforward, that’s why we’ve enhanced our member site experience even further.

You may have noticed in late 2019, we updated our member site to give members the ability to view current life benefits information. The enhancement allows members to see

  • a description of the life benefit,
  • any applicable coverage to the member and dependents, and
  • view designated beneficiaries’ names and percentages of the coverage allocated to each.

Now even easier with our most recent update.

Opt-in and opt-out of optional coverages

Members can now opt-in or opt-out of optional life benefit coverages through the member site. If you don’t see life coverage information, check with your employer to see if you have optional life packages available. Opting-in and out is as easy as selecting the optional coverage that you’d like to purchase, then choosing your coverage amount. As you adjust coverage amounts, the overall monthly cost automatically adjusts with it so that you can see how much your monthly premiums will change, helping you make an informed decision.

Update beneficiaries online

Members can add, edit or remove beneficiaries once your signed in to the member site. With this new feature, you can update your beneficiaries online—no printing forms or scanning documents. Simply press Edit and update your beneficiaries as needed and adjust the percentages of the benefit assigned to each person.

Please note: updating beneficiaries online is only available to members with an Alberta address; out-of-province members still need to be updated with a paper form.

Try these new features on the member site today!

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