Whatever you need to do or find, our online services features are here to help. Our member site provides comprehensive, 24-hour access to your benefits plan from your computer or tablet. To access your benefits plan while you’re on the go, use our member app—available to download through the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Sign in quickly with fingerprint or facial recognition and show your health provider your virtual ID card right from the app.

You can now add your ID card to your digital wallet, making your benefit information even more accessible when you need it.

We recently added information to our website, which outlines the features available on our member site and app, including helpful how-to guides. Learn more on our website.

View your ID card.  
Quickly pull up your ID card to share your information with health providers.
Check your eligibility.  
Review benefit eligibility and coverage balance for you and your dependents before booking your next appointment or making a spending account purchase.
Look up a direct-bill provider.  
Find health providers who direct bill with us and avoid out-of-pocket expenses.
Submit a claim.  
Submit a claim online and get paid back faster with direct deposit.
Upload documents.  
Quickly upload documents online including prescriptions, receipts and forms.
Check your claim status.  
Check to see if your recently submitted claim is pending or processed.
Cancel or modify a claim.  
Modify or adjust a claim in seconds.
Pay your premiums.  
If you have an individual health plan, you can pay your premiums online.
Download receipts.  
Simplify tax season by downloading your premium receipt and claims total report.
Review your claims history.  
Access a detailed claims history for the current year, as well as the two previous years.
View special authorizations and predeterminations.  
Review special authorization requests for drugs outside your plan coverage and predeterminations for treatment and procedure coverage submitted by your health providers.
Keep your information up to date.  
View and update your contact information, banking details, beneficiaries and information for life and disability benefits.
Access our online wellness program.  
Track your health and wellness, challenge yourself and get rewarded through Balance®, our online wellness program.
Link your benefits plan.  
If you have more than one benefits plan with us, you can link them together to make sure you’re getting the most out of all your plans.

Some features may not be available to every member as features depend on your specific plan, policy and contract.

Need help?

Learn how to use our digital services with step-by-step guides available on our website.

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