Whether you’re newly retired or already reaping its benefits, here are a few new things to know about our retiree plan as you prepare for or continue to enjoy this exciting, and most importantly, carefree phase of life.


Despite current restrictions, travel is still a very exciting plus of retirement and we hope it’s something you intend to do. As a result of customer feedback, we’re excited to share that we’ve increased the number of travel days on retiree plan levels B and C, from 45 and 60 days to 60 and 90 days WITHOUT a rate increase.

This travel benefit is available until the age of 85, after which, those 85 and older will receive a discount on travel coverage up to 25 per cent off if they were on the retiree plan. 


Should you decide to retire somewhere new, and maybe a little warmer, our national retiree plan will protect you anywhere you decide to go within Canada. Keep in mind, rates are dependent on which province you choose to retire or reside in.

Perks (because retirement is full of them)

Our Individual Assistance Program is available for all levels of our retiree plan, which includes everything from retirement planning to nutrition management. As well, Balance®, our online wellness program, will help you maintain your health and wellness into retirement.

To learn more about the retiree plan, contact us at 1-800-563-6910 or visit our website.

Balance® is a registered mark of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, an association of independent Blue Cross plans.

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