The Alberta government has implemented some changes to the eligibility criteria for Coverage for Seniors. As of March 1, 2020, family members younger than 65 years of age are no longer covered by Coverage for Seniors. Albertans 65 years of age and older will continue to be covered by the program.

What are the options for alternative coverage?

The Government of Alberta has drug and health benefit programs available to ensure that all Albertans have access to economical health benefits. For more information about these benefits, please visit the Alberta Health website at

One of the government program options is the Non-Group Coverage program, a government-sponsored plan administered by Alberta Blue Cross®. Monthly premiums and co-payments apply under this program.

Who to contact?

If you have questions, contact the AHCIP office. For further information on the Coverage for Seniors program please visit the Alberta Health website.

For program claims and benefits questions, contact us at 1-800-661-6995 or contact your Alberta Blue Cross® representative directly.


  • Harold Shade says:

    Hello Blue Cross. I currently have no work income due to the Corona virus and would like to apply for the free Group 66 plan for seniors. I got the information for this plan from the Provincial Govt office in St. Albert ( Alberta works) they gave me a pamphlet and said to apply thru the AMA but they are closed right now till further notice.
    Can you please advise on how to apply for that plan .
    Harold Shade.
    Email :


    if one is in a long term care center is there any benefit to having a seniors plan? What would it cover that isn’t covered by the facility?

  • Patricia Lomenda says:

    My husband will be retiring august 1 2020. We would like him to be on my blue cross. He is also turning 65 July 26 2020. Can u help me with this please.


  • Al Gamble says:

    Good morning
    I was looking at the last email sent out and found there was comments about help setting out a workout program and some kind of competitions for wellness. Can’t find it anywhere on the site.
    Please help
    Al Gamble

  • Charlane Gorsak says:


    The download for the forms to apply for Seniors Coverage keep giving an error message. How can I have the form mailed to me?

  • debra says:

    i am 67 and still working my partner is 63 is he still covered under my plan

  • nils nordin says:

    how do i get a form to fill out for my wifes glasses ,i need a letter for global saying how much if any blue cross covers

    • Hello Nils, we recommend submitting your claims online (its a much faster turnaround) and you will be able to see what coverage is available there as well. To do so, visit and sign in or register. Then follow the prompts to submit your claims. If you have any questions along the way please give us a call at 1-800-661-6995.

  • James Clark says:

    I am 71 years old, still working and have a bit of a medical plan at work which I pay in to that pays 70% of my prescriptions, but if I’m covered as a senior by Blue Cross also, why is it I pay an amount every time I get a prescription filled?

  • Good afternoon,

    This is to verify about the Alberta Blue Cross identification card. I have applied for it at the Registry about almost 4 weeks now and I haven’t receive until now. Please let me know if you receive the application or not.

    Thank you.

  • Cheryl Uhlich says:

    I will soon turn 65 and recently I received a notice of termination of my individual Health plan, Blue Choice Plan B2. The letter refereed to the “enclosed brochure” called Coverage for Seniors. it was not enclosed in the envelope. I have been searching for it online here and can not find it. Would you please send me the brochure or inform me of its whereabouts on your site.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Cheryl, we apologize that this information wasn’t included and will have someone contact you directly to provide you with this information and talk to you about coverage options. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Mila says:

    Hello, Could you please let me know if Blue Cross provides medical travel insurance for seniors over 65 years old.

    • Hi Mila, we provide quality medical coverage for seniors and have single-trip coverage options for adults over 60 years old. However, please note that we’ve currently paused the sale of all travel coverage in support of the federal and provincial governments advising against non-essential travel. Once these travel advisories have been lifted, please give us a call to learn more about your coverage options and to purchase.

  • Maryse Jean says:

    My husband will be 65 this year. I will be 59 soon. I am covered by his work group insurance. What will happen when he applies for seniors free health coverage?

  • Esther Kramer says:

    My husband just turned 65 and received his Blue Cross card. He also has coverage through my work plan. I am assuming the charges first go to Blue Cross and then to my benefits plan. He just had some prescriptions filled. He had to pay out of pocket. Whenever I get a prescription filled, I never have to pay anything (I am 66). Why is he paying and I am not?

  • Jane Ellenor says:

    I cannot believe the only answers to these vital and universal questions result in “contact us, as opposed to a reply with the basic info requested and an OFFER of followup. Thousands of folks could have the answers at their fingertips!! Blue Cross could save hundreds of manhours! This leads me to believe this site is to solicit older folks into BUYING your coverage, not actually just getting straight forward answers. Shame!

    • Hi Jane, oftentimes the questions we receive on the blog require more information such as plan information and personal information. Because of privacy concerns, we cannot post that information on this public forum and so we ask commenters to reach out directly whenever possible so that we can help them more in depth offline. If you have a specific question about this blog or the program please let us know or visit: Thank you!

    • Wendy says:

      Jane, as I was reading through these questions and non-answers from Blue Cross I felt exactly the same as you. What is an ideal opportunity is completely lost by Blue Cross. The months late responses to many is unacceptable and tells why I do not recommend Blue Cross to my senior networks. Thank you for articulating the issue so well; it deserved a better response.

      • Hi Wendy,

        Often times, we require further information from an individual to answer their questions (including plan information and ID number) as this is a public forum, we ask that these conversations are taken offline to ensure we protect everyone’s privacy. We are happy to answer any questions you have; please feel free to email us at

  • Gbemi says:

    Pls, it’s there any coverage for whom Dr place on longer term care

  • Audrey Nicholas says:

    I am 72 and plan to go casual from my job this summer. I work for AHS.
    Is there any free senior health care coverage plan that I should apply for that covers Dental –
    Prescriptions- eye wear- chiropractor and massages ?
    Please reply.

  • John van Vliet says:

    I am an 80-year-old senior and l need to have upper and lower dentures and including some extraction of teeth and molders, I went to a dental clinic in Ford Saskatchewan, and was given a cost which was $1500 dollars over the schedule, that was just for dentures on top of this I would have to pay also, I assume an extra for extraction maybe another $1000 on top of my coverage which will amount to about $2500 to $3000 dollars on top of the established fees by Blue Cross Mu pension of $1700 is insufficient to cover the cost. Can Blue cross provide a list of dentists that are charging Blue Cr fees and not the ridiculous fees that I have to pay them on top of the fees for which I am covered? Just for example, I paid 350 dollars for one hour of consultations, absurd!!!!

  • Pyone Choi says:

    I and my husband just turned 65 but not apply the blue cross coverage and not registered yet, because we both get the insurance plan from my husband’s work, Sunlife insurance.
    Recently Sunlife does not cover our prescription drugs and sent us a mail our primary coverage plan for prescription drug is Alberta Blue Cross and one special prescription called Viread needs a form filled up by my hepatologist too.
    We don’t know what to start doing .
    Could you please help me.
    Thank you

    • Hello Pyone, when Alberta Health records indicate an Albertan will be turning 65, a package is mailed to the address on their AHCIP file providing information about programs and services for seniors. This package will include a letter asking you to submit proof-of-age documents if required to receive benefits. If you did not receive the package, or have further questions, please contact Alberta Health directly by visiting

  • Willie says:

    Does seniors get and coverage for CPAP equipment?

  • David Radies says:

    I am 67 what health plan covers Ensure

  • Linda says:

    I recently received a letter from ABC indicating my travel & Final expense benefits will terminate when I turn 65 in July 2023. I currently have a Blue Assured benefit package. Do my premiums for this go down or Should I be switching to Group 66 plan.

  • don bell says:

    Talked to a rep at Blue Cross she said new coverage for air boot up to 175.$ she sent me forms , I submitted the coverage was refused!!

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